About SOSiLA

SOSiLA Series Developed by the Sumitomo Corporation Group

The Investment Corporation focuses its investment on advanced logistics facilities, the SOSiLA series, which utilizes the expertise that the Sumitomo Corporation Group has acquired through its development of a range of properties.

SOSiLA Series, Latest Equipment and Consideration for People and Environment

The name "SOSiLA" expresses a business concept which is based on a connection with society (Sociability), environmental awareness and sustained growth (Sustainability), and awareness of people and the working environment (Individuality), and which seeks a new form of logistics facilities (Logistic Aspect).


High-Qualtiy Logistics Facilities in Terms of Locations, Facilities and Management Support

The Sumitomo Corporation Group improves efficiency in warehouses and supports automation and labor-saving by developing the SOSiLA series, high-quality facilties in terms of locations, facilities and management support. The Investment Corporation aims to grow sustainably by investing primarily in the SOSiLA series.


Location Strategy

Strategic Locations of the SOSiLA Series to Deal with the Issues of Logistics Facilities

The location of the SOSiLA series is aimed at covering densely populated urban areas close to consuming regions. Of the locations where logistics facilities can be built, the locations of the SOSiLA series are close to urban areas and are competitive in terms of transportation costs and worker recruitment. The Investment Corporation believes that the SOSiLA series can deal with increasingly frequent deliveries.


Featues of Facilities

  • Not all logistics properties acquired necessarily have all the above facilities.

Features of Management Support

Providing Solutions for Improving Logistics Efficiency

SLR thinks that it needs to provide solutions for tenants to improve logistics efficiency in order to expand opportunties for internal and external growth and achieve stable management. It considers that tenants moving into SOSiLA that it owns is not a goal but a start. Its goal is to maximize the profits from the properties it owns and achieve high occupancy rates by providing adequate solutions to tenants through Sumitomo Corporation and building long-term stable relationships with tenants. SLR aims to expand opportunties for external growth and achieve stable management, using tenant relations that are to be created through the provision of solutions.

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