Portfolio Strategy

Focusing on investing in the SOSiLA series developed by the Sumitomo Corporation

The Investment Corporation invests in logistics properties and industrial properties.
Of logistics properties, the Investment Corporation will invest primarily in the SOSiLA series, which Sumitomo Corporation has developed as logistics facilities connecting people and society.

Portfolio Strategy

We will build a portfolio with a focus on the SOSiLA series developed by Sumitomo Corporation, our sponsor.

Target investment ratio by usage
(based on acquisition price)

Logistics real estate
80% or more
Industrial real estate
20% or less

Target investment ratio by area
(based on acquisition price)

Kanto area and Kansai area
70% or more
Other areas
30% or less

Portfolio Strategy

The Investment Corporation will primarily acquire the SOSiLA series and other logistics and industrial properties developed by the Sumitomo Corporation Group. Of those properties, the Investment Corporation will invest mainly in logistics properties close to consumption areas.

Logistics real estate

Logistics facilities close to consumption areas

Logistics facilities with good access to consumption areas, production sites and transportation infrastructure

Facilities for distribution to city centers

  • Located within the last mile(Note 1) from large consumption areas, primarily in the Kanto and Kansai areas
  • Close to areas where residential properties are concentrated, which makes rapid delivery, an improvement in delivery efficiency and a reduction in the environmental impact possible
  • Intended to become facilities that will be appreciated by communities through their contribution to employment, among other contributions, which their convenient locations make possible
SOSiLA Yokohama Kohoku
Multi-tenant (Note 2)
SOSiLA Sagamihara
SOSiLA Kasukabe
SOSiLA Kawagoe
SOSiLA Nishiyodogawa IⅠ
  • “Last mile” means the last part of delivery between the last distribution point of a logistics operator or a shipper to a consumer, the destination.
  • “Multi-tenant” means general-purpose facilities that have been developed as facilities that can be leased to multiple tenants.

Industrial properties

Industrial properties
  • The Investment Corporation plans to strategically acquire assets other than logistics properties, such as data centers, communications facilities, research facilities, plants, sites for placing materials and vehicles and facilities related to airports and ports.
Hokko Oil Tank (limited proprietary right of land)
Nanko Pier (land)
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