Growth Strategy

Pipeline for Logistics Properties Development Using Sumitomo Corporation Group’s Accumulated Real Estate Expertise

The Investment Corporation aims to expand its portfolio by leveraging the real estate development expertise accumulated over 100 years by the Sumitomo Corporation Group, whose original and core business is the real estate business.

Logistics Real Estate Developed and to be Developed by the Sponsor Group (Total Floor Area)


Properties Developed by Sumitomo Corporation (excluding acquired assets)

As of May 31, 2020

Date of completion Property Address Total floor area (m2)
May 2006 SGL Akanehama Logistics Center I Narashino, Chiba 34,649
March 2007 SGL Akanehama Logistics CenterⅡ Narashino, Chiba 51,246
September 2016 SOSiLA Narashino Akanehama III Narashino, Chiba 38,604
April 2017 SOSiLA Nishiyodogawa II Osaka City, Osaka 47,494
September 2017 SOSiLA Yokohama Kohoku (Note) Yokohama, Kanagawa 83,782(16,756)
February 2020 (plan) SOSiLA Ebina Ebina, Kanagawa 77,272
February 2021 (plan) SOSiLA Itabashi (tentative) Itabashi, Tokyo 15,288 (plan)
May 2021 (plan) (Tentative) SOSiLA Osaka (Note) Osaka City, Osaka 99,951(30,990) (plan)
July 2021 (plan) (Tentative) SOSiLA Amagasaki Amagasaki, Hyogo 45,264(plan)
January 2022 (plan) (Tentative)SOSiLA Yashio Yashio, Saitama 32,023 (plan)
May 2022 (plan) (Tentative)SOSiLA Chuo Rinkan Yamato, Kanagawa 109,091 (plan)
undecided (Tentative)SOSiLA Kashiwa Kashiwa,Chiba 75,415(plan)
  • With regard to SOSiLA Yokohama Kohoku, preferential negotiation rights are given to a 20% quasi co-ownership interest, excluding an 80% co-ownership interest (acquired assets) in the entire property. The number in parentheses in the total floor area column is the total floor area for the 20% co-ownership interest.
    As for SOSiLA Osaka (tentative name), preferential negotiation rights are the number in parentheses interest.

Development and Leasing Support Utilizing Sumitomo Corporation Group’s Network

The Investment Corporation aims to grow sustainably, using the Sumitomo Corporation Group’s integrated management system for handling all stages from land purchases to the development and management of facilities and the group’s ability for steady leasing that the network of the group makes possible as a general trading company.

Development Supported by the Sponsor Group’s Integrated Management

As a comprehensive real estate developer, the Sumitomo Corporation Group has developed a wide range of asset types, including office buildings, residential properties, commercial facilities and logistics facilities. The group can acquire land for logistics facilities with different uses, taking advantage of the network of a variety of customers and business partners that it has as a general trading company.

Network That Enables Sumitomo Corporation to Approach Both Consignors and 3PL Operators

Sumitomo Corporation is able to approach both consignors and 3PL operators using the Sumitomo Corporation Group’s network of customers.


66 countries and territories

Strong relationships with leading 3PL operators Effective use of 3PL operators in the group

  • As of March 31, 2020

Leasing Utilizing the Network of a General Trading Company

The Investment Corporation believes that it is important in the leasing of logistics facilities to approach both logistics business operators that may become tenants and consignors that commission logistics business operators to operate for them. The Investment Corporation can approach logistics business operators and consignors from all angles, using the network of a variety of customers and the business networks of the Sumitomo Corporation Group, a general trading company. This is one of the strengths of the Investment Corporation, and it uses this strength in leasing.

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