Basic Strategy

Basic Policy

SLR is an investment corporation that invests in logistics real estate and industrial real estate. SLR will pursue maximization of unitholder value by utilizing the knowledge and development capabilities of the real estate business possessed by the Sumitomo Corporation Group (Note 1) and the know-how accumulated through the management of private placement REITs, private funds, etc (Note 2). In addition, through focused investment in the SOSiLA series developed by Sumitomo Corporation, SLR intends to inherit the business creed that focuses on the three concepts of Sociability (ties to society), Sustainability (eco-friendliness and sustained growth) and Individuality (consideration for people and working environments) and to continue providing ESG investment opportunities to a broad range of investors under the highly transparent scheme of an investment corporation while contributing to realization of a prosperous society.

  • “Sumitomo Corporation Group” refers to a corporate group comprised of Sumitomo Corporation and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies. The same applies hereinafter.
  • Private funds, etc. are private funds and operating companies with which tSRM has concluded a discretionary investment contract or an investment advisory contract.

Growth Strategy

SLR aims to grow by receiving support capitalizing on the strong business foundation built around the world and various resources possessed by the Sumitomo Corporation Group, including support based on the sponsor support agreement concluded between Sumitomo Corporation, the sponsor, and SRM and the logistics management agreement concluded between SLR and Sumitomo Corporation. In addition, with Sumitomo Corporation taking the function of “development”; SLR taking the function of “ownership,” and SRM taking the function of “Asset management” utilizing the abundant track record and know-how gained from management of private REITs, private funds, etc.; and SLR will realize sustainable growth along with the growth of the logistics real estate business of Sumitomo Corporation and seek to maximize its unitholder value.

  • As of March 31, 2020
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