On December 10, 2019, SOSiLA Logistics REIT, Inc.(SLR) was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Real Estate Investment Trust Securities Market thanks to the support of our unitholders and many other stakeholders.

SLR is an investment corporation sponsored by Sumitomo Corporation, which has a 100-year history and strengths in the real estate business. SLR invests primarily in the SOSiLA series, which has been developed by Sumitomo Corporation.

SOSiLA series comprises high-quality logistics facilities backed by the expertise of the Sumitomo Corporation Group. SOSiLA series has three major features: a location strategy that contributes to resolving the issues of tenants in the logistics industry (a reduction of transportation costs, highly frequent deliveries and securing an adequate workforce), versatile facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality support for tenants’ operations.

The Investment Corporation will invest primarily in the SOSiLA series. The business philosophy of the series emphasizes three concepts: ties to society (sociability), environmental considerations and sustainable growth (sustainability), and consideration for people and work environments (individuality). In line with this philosophy, we will contribute to society and will continue to provide opportunities for ESG investment to a wide range of investors through a transparent scheme, which is one of the features of investment corporations.

We kindly ask for your ongoing patronage and encouragement.

Masaaki Yano
Masaaki YanoMasaaki Yano,
Executive Director
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